Can’t remember how my shirt got so wet but it may be because she threw her drink at me, Also have a problem with this poem as I have posted it twice….must really like it~! But she didn’t~!


What you do know about horses may suck,
some kick, some, bite and some buck,
but will calm down, and be still, with some luck,
so avoid all bad parts, and they will not run a-muck.

Now using that same old horse sense,
you can be safe, with the same defense.
And with a little subterfuge, you may convince
ladies how much you love them, with the evidence.

Women are complicated creators we know,
and we must try to understand them, though,
with much love and consideration, you can show,
your affection for them, that should only grow.

If she’s had a hard day with the kids,
and at the end of the day, she blows her lid,
finding everything wrong, that you did,
telling you, she’d be better off dead.

Then keeping your distance, we know,
when she’s looking for something to throw.
you need to find another safer place to go,
till things cool off, & calm begins to show.

Then at the end of the day, while in bed,
forget about everything that has been said,
hug her, and kiss her beautiful sweet head,
for there’s better sweet tomorrows ahead.

So if you love them enough to pretend,
that you are really smart enough, in the end,
to know when to talk, know not sulk, and then,
there will be mutual love and affection,,, amen~!