There is a word I do not like
though it is always in our site.
To a point more often trite,
every religion holds it tight.

This word based on whether,
it will hold us all together.
But often becomes as a tether.
With some above and others nether.

The harm done from this word,
the unknown harm that is absurd.
And division among us it has incurred.
The conlang of the written word.

The edifying of the Holy Tome,
to the religion which began in Rome.
Or others who protest within their home.
And even those who think alone.

For those who use it in our sight,
adhere to it, almost contrite,
insisting that they have seen the light,
and we are wrong while they are right.

No I can not use this common word,
to stick to it would be absurd,
to swear to God so often heard,
in Washington it is always blurred.

So tell me what we are to do,
find a better word for me and you,
it does not exist, old or new,
and finding one is a muddled stew.

That word which I will say to you,
separates the Christian and the Jew,
Evangelical, Muslim and Catholic too,
American parties, red white and blue.

While it is supposed to bring us heather,
to face our lives and cling together.
I often see it flings us thither,
to other climes much like a feather.

So if you need a sign of your obedience,
to show you will have no deviance,
and you must swear to your credence,
stick to one with no future grievance.

But in your life you will find the need,
to express your belief and your creed,
choose one you will not cede,
though others may stone you, till you bleed.

And now this word I give to you,
is a word you must always swear to,
a word that is strong and binding too.
Is it a “covenant” between God and you~?

So should a “Covenant” be between two.
One a church and the other you.
A set of rules that MAN binds you to,
to follow them, but you should just ask (who)~?