It’s Humanoids that frighten me.
We try to hide when they are around,
and it is always us, that must flee.
Beating trees, and making sounds.

We stay alone in the woods,
and mind our very own business,
but they think we have bad moods,
when it is they, that are being aggressive.

Quiet private forests are regressive,
few are the silent places that we love,
they always seem to be possessive.
And even encroach on the sky above.

We try to stay out of their way,
but they insist on encroaching,
and we can no longer, just not stay,
constantly moving, always searching.

Way up high in the mountains of Tibet,
we tried to find a place to spend the day,
can’t find us here, don’t you bet.
A footprint was the give-away~!

Next we moved into the Alps,
and to an echo, we made great sounds,
But they just answered to our shouts,
and said there must a big foot around.

Pack your bag were off to China,
avoid the deserts, they are too open,
don’t even stop in Asia miner.
Run like hell, may even try loping.

Across the straight into Alaska,
but with all those NRA gun nuts,
it turned into a great disaster,
so we head on south, must move our butts.

What can we do, they just don’t stop,
they want to civilize us, and make us work,
at building cars, or growing crops,
but from their civilization, we’ll always shirk~!




Texas Star Hibiscus

Hibiscus coccineus
I see so many photos of hibiscus and love them all, but there is one that I have not yet seen, which is unusual and I like to grow for several reasons. Living here in the Texas Hill country we have several problems for the regular hibiscus plants, primarily due to the alkaline Cliche, dryness, and heat.

However the hibiscus I like to grow has none of these problems. It is “The Star of Texas”. My plants all live in my koi pond, in water a little over a foot deep. Yes with completely submerged wet feet~! They are planted in large but rather shallow, heavy pots (about 14 inches deep by at least 24 inches across), with just the top of the soil sticking out of the water. The plants die back to the water line at the first frost, I then cut the stalks down to the water line and the plants do well all winter, new stalks popping back up and growing up to six feet or more in a season~! The blossoms are beautiful, about six or more inches across and a brilliant red, with some white verities. They are very prolific, rapidly growing, and I harvest many seeds each year with some falling into the pond bottom and sprouting as well.

Advantage, they are spectacular, unusual, easy to maintain and grow, non invasive, and when other plants are dying in the heat of the summer they are very happy. These plants are both terrestrial or can have wet feet, but they like a lot of moisture and will thrive in a bog area or in water, mine are in open shade but direct sun will not bother them. I have seen them growing wild in the marsh of Louisiana.

Caution~! the leaves look like hemp, or Cannabis Sativa (marijuana), and I was once stopped while taking a plant to a friend, the branches had blown out of the car window.



the problem
their view

It already has long begun,
destruction of the last Refugium.
Going fast with no delay,
nature is being destroyed today,

Those fires in the Amazon,
are not all because of a careless one.
Most for clearing out the trees,
to grow whatever they please.

Removing things they do not need,
only to benefit people of greed.
And others seem not to notice,
never a complaint, never a we protest~!

They say they have rights to their gun,
and they can kill, even just for fun,
“Why worry about it”, It’s said,
“when they are all gone, we’ll be dead.”

“Polar bears must live on the ice,
photos of them there look nice.
We must remove them from our soil,
because there’s much more money in oil.”

“AK 47’s are lots of fun,
everybody should own such a gun.
Possessing one is my right,
try to take it, and you’ll have a fight.”

“Saving all those trees so tall,
seeing one, you’ve seen them all.
Better to build a place to shop,”
I like buying things until I drop.”

“Oh look at the gun I just bought,
more powerful than buck, double nought-!
It is an elephant gun 1600 grain 80 caliber,
dropping big game is almost infallible.”

“Then I will be a big game hunter,
no one will ever need wonder,
A game hunter so big and tall,
with a white rhino’s head hanging on my wall”





Little girls were lots of fun,
but I once dated an amazon.
She drove a little Nash you see,
and insisted that she’d pick up me.

I felt that strange, but did not bother,
and just gave in, to what she would rather.
We drove around and parked her little Nash,
then suddenly she pushed a button on the dash.

Can not say whether good or bad,
the seats on that car turned into a bed.
remembering, so sad, the apprehension I had.
For I considered myself somewhat, an innocent lad.

With poetic justice, that I now began to feel,
with that beautiful young lady behind the wheel,
her intentions for an evening became so very real
and I began to know little control over this very deal.

The end of this story I will not say,
except to remember about that very day,
for I realized that control of a date may lay,
in the power of the strongest, which is not just play.

So when you are with the one you love,
treat her with kindness and a gentle glove,
for her feelings, and well being should be above,
all other thoughts, even when push comes to shove.





There is a word I do not like
though it is always in our site.
To a point more often trite,
every religion holds it tight.

This word based on whether,
it will hold us all together.
But often becomes as a tether.
With some above and others nether.

The harm done from this word,
the unknown harm that is absurd.
And division among us it has incurred.
The conlang of the written word.

The edifying of the Holy Tome,
to the religion which began in Rome.
Or others who protest within their home.
And even those who think alone.

For those who use it in our sight,
adhere to it, almost contrite,
insisting that they have seen the light,
and we are wrong while they are right.

No I can not use this common word,
to stick to it would be absurd,
to swear to God so often heard,
in Washington it is always blurred.

So tell me what we are to do,
find a better word for me and you,
it does not exist, old or new,
and finding one is a muddled stew.

That word which I will say to you,
separates the Christian and the Jew,
Evangelical, Muslim and Catholic too,
American parties, red white and blue.

While it is supposed to bring us heather,
to face our lives and cling together.
I often see it flings us thither,
to other climes much like a feather.

So if you need a sign of your obedience,
to show you will have no deviance,
and you must swear to your credence,
stick to one with no future grievance.

But in your life you will find the need,
to express your belief and your creed,
choose one you will not cede,
though others may stone you, till you bleed.

And now this word I give to you,
is a word you must always swear to,
a word that is strong and binding too.
Is it a “covenant” between God and you~?

So should a “Covenant” be between two.
One a church and the other you.
A set of rules that MAN binds you to,
to follow them, but you should just ask (who)~?



Saturday night and at “Club de la Lune”,
on a beautiful clear Louisiana night in June.
Everyone had to go, to the fais do do,
filling every square foot of the room.

The law was sitting out front,
such a party produces many a drunk,
watching people exiting with too much “sway”,
can be dangerous for them to drive this way.

The night was progressing just right,
not one drunk Coonass exiting, in sight.
But I talked too soon, in that very bright moon,
a young one, came out so wobbly, he might swoon.

Tried his key in the first little car,
it wouldn’t fit, but his can’t too far.
stumbled over the next one, to which he came,
that one too, was even the same.

His keys in the cars just did not fit,
if he had one there, where was it.
he just could not find his without a fuss.
About that time the cop said: “better come with us”.

They took him to the station in back of their car,
fortunately the station was not very far.
the officer said: “now we need a sobriety test,
I’m afraid this surely will not be your best”.

Touch your index finger right on to your nose,
now do the same with another one of those.
walk this straight line one foot at a time,
then turn around and come back on a dime.

To their astonishment he did everything just right,
then walked over to them with delight.
the officer said please tell, how did you did this so well,
his answer: “well sir, I guess, it’s now alright to tell.”

“Me and my buddy’s always go to the dance,
we have a great time, great drink, and romance,
but each time we must choose just one boy,
and tonight I am the designated decoy.”



Of dancing I am really inapt,
the last time I tried to do a two step,
though my partner was fine,
I couldn’t stay on the line.
When I asked her again she “niet”.

I’m getting too old, don’t you see,
and modern dancing is just not for me.
Used to do a great waltz,
without any faults,
with a twirl and bow, just for thee.

As teens we loved a barn dance,
some kids, here found their first romance.
With the leader calling out the steps,
“swing your partner,, dote se do,, n repps”.
In Pennsylvania they call it “the Scottish”.

In Louisiana I loved “fais do-do”,
put on such a very fine show.
Put the babies under the bench,
everyone else spinning around it’s a cinch.
The kids, teenagers, and old folks so slow.

With the music, which is so very loud,
and a happy, tipsy tightly packed crowd.
Nose to nose cheek to cheek,
it’s the fun they all seek,
those Cajun’s, at dancing, are so proud.

This is why on any Saturday,
while they dance the night away.
Two step, a twirl, and a sway,
you just might hear each one of them say,
“Laissez les bons temps rouler”.



I am a fan of old houses or old broken down home places. When I drive along lonely roads, passing an old “home place”, it always brings back visions of children playing under an oak tree or even under the house as we did as kids. There is one little old cottage in particular where my imagination must have gotten so out of control; in my mind I had placed a lonely female couple living there, as it was painted up, as such a couple would do, and it had a nice little picket fence and flowers in the yard.

So on one trip I saw that it no longer looked lived in, with the blue paint peeling, and the yard had become grown up, with a shutter hanging down. I made an unconscious comment, which my wife, Shirley, could not understand. My statement was “something must have happened, and one of them may have died~!”. In my subconscious I had actually built a family for that little house~! (CRAZY ME~!) But isn’t this the kind of thoughts authors and poets have~??

So this brings me back to a recurring dream, that I have had for many years. It is about a HUGE, long old house, patterned more or less on the very old “Creole” house I grew up in, but much larger with some sections lived in, and others needing to be “fixed”. I have been working on this “inner vision house”, only appearing in my dreams, for a very long time, and it always looks the same, even with separate rooms always needing work. Part of the house is OK, but other parts have leaky roofs, small “shotgun rooms”, and broken floors, windows and steps. Only last night I put a new roof on it and planned an addition for “our girls”, (which we never had). I always envision what a beautiful place it will be when I finally finish the awful work at hand, (in my dream).



Let me tell you about my big old house,
It will be a mansion, you will be amused.
So come on in, and with me browse,
you may go into any room you choose.

This part is almost complete,
with huge bedrooms, and a parlor,
with a proper dining room where we can eat,
a kitchen, and a pantry which is smaller.

I broke out a wall and moved another,
my kitchen opens onto a solarium,
growing herbs here, will be no bother,
small fruiting trees, a place to bury them.

A problem is the water want work,
and the house is cold, with no heat,
you may think me a lazy jerk,
though what is finished is so neat~!

Lets go see the rest of my place,
and you will see why it takes so long.
Thousands of square feet I must face,
finishing this project is no song.

Watch that hole there in the floor,
and be careful of broken windows,
as soon as I can afford it, I’ll get more,
must borrow money from my lenders.

The roof leaks when it rains,
the steps may be a real danger,
water backs up in the drain,
I broke that pipe in anger.

I am really proud of my big house,
I got it for free for goodness sake,
I live a virtual life here with my spouse,
until it is finished, or until I awake.

For my old house is only in my dreams,
a recurring dream that comes to me,
it will never be finished, or so it seems,
and when I’m awake, it ceases to be.