Shame, shame, shame on you.
You just don’t know what you can do.
You bought him a cute little cloth rat,
which had inside something that
made him have a fit, batting it around,
throwing it up, and making a happy sounds.

It attracted him to put on a show,
batting it around, until it broke, so
then something spilled out of it,
and he rubbed and licked it, having a fit.
You got it from your pet store,
for sure you could get him more.

Because you saw he was having fun,
you discovered what was making him run.
And this is how it all got started,
bought him more, being big-hearted.
Until you found him hooked on it,
if held from him, he would have a fit.

Like so many people we know,
acteing just the same way though.
He too was now addicted on that weed,
and it became a very serious need
he needed more of it every day.
It’s all your fault, what can I say~!


2 thoughts on “POOR LITTLE CAT

    • Well it did refer to mine, they are clean. But if Tami ever found out, she would be hooked for sure~! She will eat anything that she sees me eating. And today it is going to be red beans and rice, with kiolbassa, and roast corn on the side, with apple pie and ice cream for dessert….if I am going to mess up my kitchen I am going to make it worth my while…. Really hot today.

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