Young Jack was a cockster
to hear him tell all about it,
had more loves than a rock star,
said he gave the girls a fit.

After work they could be found,
having a cold beer and to talk
of girls, it always got around
to which one he would stalk.

Now it was obvious to them all
that all of his messing around
just had to be a lot less small
no evidence ever could be found.

So they decided to have a night out,
to the seedy section of town,
one we don’t much talk about
red lights help it to be found.

They gathered in the parlor
of a place full of pretty girls,
finding one you could adore
and give love a fast twirl.

Paring off with a girl of choice,
they started up a friendly chat,
so each girl and one of the boys
departed from where they sat.

Soon they all had left the scene,
all except for cockster Jack,
it was time for him to come clean
but charm was something he lacked.

Thirty minutes more with smiling faces
they all started drifting back
And surprised to see over by the wall
a sad girl, with a befuddled Jack.

She asked: ”what is wrong with him”,
not “what is wrong with me”,
“I am the hottest lay, to the brim,
and best looking as you can see.”

But all of the talk he had made,
seemed only to fall on her deaf ears
while all his friends were getting laid
Jack actually had her in tears.

So listen not to the cockster,
for they do not know what to say,
can’t even talk about a starter,
with a girl you have to pay.