Don’t do as I do, do as I say,
the poem you wrote today,
please do it another way.
It should never rhyme,
you waste my time.
All the commas,
cause trauma.
So stop,

is a photo,
things that be,
a mental picture of
all things I see today
the beauty of my mind.
It is the music that you feel,
or the sorrow you must express.
It can be the fine music of a bird,
or even about joke you have heard.
But take it as it was sent to you today
as a message of the feelings of the poet.

Take this as just a simple message from me to you.
Of the two verses above I am trying to say something,
unless you are teaching a class in verse. Accent on verse,
then you should not waste your time on taking apart a poem.
You can either take it as it is, or let it be. Like the person writing
it is yours to enjoy or not, but above all things it will be an expression
from the person writing it; hoping that their message comes across in a
fine manner. My problem is that I think prose, and actually talk in rhyme.
The first verse just flowed like water from my finger tips, without thinking.
But on the second verse I had the problem of my mind rhyming automatically and had to go back and fix my mistake.
Then why should I not enjoy doing what comes naturally and say things I enjoy.

One thing more, if you are a person who reads something only to find fault with the expressional use of punctuation, remember the work of a poet need not be controlled by such things, so they can use none at all, or actually put commas where they think that you should pause, either to stop and think or to use meter to express what they are feeling. But if it will make you feel better, here are a few extra. Feel free to go through this and add,
or remove what make you happy~!

(or !!!),,,, …. !!!! :::: ????