Pay attention here, and I will show,
In English the word hiccup we know,
is spelled just like it sounds just so,
But is often different where ever we go.

The Spanish do spell it out hipo,
but what comes out, sounds like “EE-poo”.
In France, it is hoquet,
but the silent “H” makes it sound “Oo-kay”.

And to our ears Portuguese, soluço,
is done much lower, even saying it slow, “ so-loos-SO”.
The Italians try to spell it out, singhiozzo,
but it comes out almost like a shout “SUB-e-OSO”,

The Germans are the worse, I found, Schluckauf,
hard to spell but a more easy sound, “schu-lo-fe”
The sounds of animals are also queer,
so where you are what you may hear.

And if you hear a rooster crow, for you,
in America he says, cock a doodle doo.
but in Spain, it’s different so we spell, quiquiqui,
and the sound comes out, “Kee-k-RE-kee”

Pay attention here and you will know,
where you landed by a “snart” or a “crow”.
So with that my friend this may help you around,
the different way by how they all may sound.

And if you awake on cold wet snow,
after watching a hot and lively show,
and someone says “žags?ti “with a bound,
sounds “sag-SET-ee” it is, to my ear I found,

so I think you were drunk to the end,
and ended up in Lithuania my friend.
Those crazy sounds coming to your ear,
understanding them, lots of luck, but I fear.

2 thoughts on “SOUNDS GOOD TO ME

  1. We look happy. Nice memory. I have an abcessed tooth. At least I think that’s why I look like I swallowed a golf ball. The dentist says he will work me in tomorrow. Meanwhile, C is picking up an antibiotic for me. Hope you and Tammi are doing well. Take care and be safe.Carolyn

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    • Sorry to hear about that tooth, Still having a problem with mine too. Posted a photo on facebook what the dentist will look like while finishing up. Other than than all is well, Tami snuggled between me and the chair arm. But there is not enough room.. Happy Mothrs day. Hope the girls helped you celebrate, maybe with soft ice cream….

      Nice to know that you are taking in the poetry etc on my blog…. now I know that at least one person saw it~! You and I both need to watch less news and more writing. SAM

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