I am sorry but this comes very close to things that happen every day in “The House of God”~! Been there, seen that, not once or twice but several times. The old mantra of “not what you say but what you do” may be one lost on “Men of God”. The sad part is they seem never to understand that “little children are like “eyes on the wall”.

Like politicians, “Men of God” also have an unquestionable power over their sheep, and so very often this power is used in devious ways. Bet you have seen it too, I have and so I am telling you~!

Pardon me if you think I am crude, but I have tried the other way and it always fell on deaf ears. Why are so many “Christians” brain dead when it comes to seeing the world around them, while at the same time seeing things that are not there~?


Snipe all day, and skype all night,
with devious sins when out of sight.
She loved him, that holy man of God,
yes he who fondled her supple young bod.

The youth minister was she,
the omnipotent pastor was he.
Little children, eyes on the wall,
watched a marriage about them fall.

Prime influence to kids that see,
the sinful actions of powers that be.
OMG they are not only just preying,
he’s whispering to her, what is he saying~?

Meeting in parsonage while wife is gone,
why are those two people of God all alone~?
Evidence her being a true God fearing woman,
when I heard a loud shout; “Oh God I am coming~!”

It is not what you say that we must do,
it’s all things we see while watching you.
If we should be living our life full of trust,
would you at least then try to control your lust.

So growing up I have decided my life to amend,
and become a preacher, like you in the end,
and follow Him on this very narrow way,
for Christian girls must be easy prey.