DO YOU WANT TO GO TO SLEEP OR WHAT~? , , , , , , , , , , ,WHAT~!


Often to a difficult question,
I sometime can only moan;
then answer; “I don’t know~!”
For on this great firmament ,
there’s more that is unknown,
than there are the ones that show.

There are times when I softly groan,
but then I try to keep it low,
for the person who brought that on,
would be upset just to know,
then I might end up alone,
because they may say they had to go.

In years gone by, a happy soft moan,
when in bed with my lover,
a signal of mutual joy, for us alone,
not to be heard by any other,
within our quite very happy home,
we were expressing joy being together.

Now I am old and all alone,
except for my canine pal,
I hug her and again I moan,
but she may think it to be a growl,
if too loudly, then she is rapidly gone.
Loud groans may even produce a howl.

What separates a moan from a groan,
knowing why they may not be the same,
now no one hears me when I’m alone,
I let out a lot of them, and complain,
but only to express my aching bones,
and those are groans let out in pain.


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