Have you ever tried to unlearn something that you consider correct and have used all your life. Well there are several that bother me, but the most used is actually a “nothing”. Way back when typewriters worked by finger power and not an electric switch, I was taught by my typing teacher several things that are today considered verboten by Microsoft Word. So I am never going to change, just because Microsoft Word decided that it was wrong. The three things that bother me most are right here in this rant.

Two that are the most important to me, and you are looking at the most glaring ones right here. It is a “nothing”,,,, “space” and you are actually using it right now to facilitate ease in reading this. Have you seen it yet~? Oh I just used a second one~! Actually twice, once before that question mark, and the second just before the exclamation point. That is a tilde to separate those marks from the sentence.

This also becomes important when writing poetry as it lets the reader know where a pause or accents are needed in the poem, whether it is in the middle of a sentence or between lines.

This is the way I learned,,, oh shucks~!!, there is a third one, can you find it~? The spelling of “learned” which is not “learnt” where I came from, and is mostly used in England. However they are both correct and spell check can really be dumb at times~!! But they do not use good American English over there, so we overlook this.

In case you have not seen the most used thing it is very obvious, and to me is useful in reading a type written page. It is double spacing between sentences. However I know that spell check will have a fit and some programs will actually remove or mark it. Also when I get a note from friends who use Word, I will get a stupid (error) mark where they or I used double spacing.

Now while I was writing this I used still another one, on purpose, can you find it~? It is most often seen in European writing, and that is the use of the exclamation mark. If you use it more than once in one place, you are raising your voice, and the more times you use it the louder the statement becomes. Are we having fun yet~!!!! BUT WHAT DO I KNOW~?

PS: I note that that this stupid program went in and stripped off the second space But it was written correctly, and Word decided it was smarter than I am~!

Also the URL below is stubborn, trying a cut and past to a new tab for more on the subject…..Hope this works~!