You may not like what I have to say,
but I will write it here come what may,
giving to you my thoughts about it anyway.
and will upset a lot of people along the way.

That cell phone is the devils work.
so giving my opinion and all the dirt
of this infernal instrument with alerts.
that they only turn most folks into jerks.

Gone are the days of personal real visits,
being now too busy talking to really miss it
with that damn phone stuck right into their ear,
saying nothing that is tangible, for a person to hear.

And as soon as this call is finally done,
the next person comes after number one,
talking, talking, they are not ever just done,
can’t stop it yet, must keep on with what’s fun.

So let us discuss that infernal toy,
talking to others, either girl of boy,
conversations that give so much joy,
with empty mind, your spirits to buoy.

They took what used to be a phone,
but developers would not leave it alone.
They wanted to take it away from your home,
to keep you talking, even when you were gone.

But that was not enough for it to do,
they added many games to entertain you
and even added a clock to keep your time too
with a GPS locator to find many stores to go to.

But with this instrument do not miss,
that great photographs taken with this
what used to be a phone they now insist
taking first class images, even with a twist.

Some even say things back to you
answering questions and what to do,
if you are confused, your mind screwed.
To keep every person from coming unglued

Hear them talking almost anywhere,
whether on the ground even in the air.
public toilet stalls, you hear them there
saying privet things, not meant for my ear.

So what comes next I do not know,
maybe they will be adding a big dildo,
maybe they have, but how would I know,
have not looked, nor have seen one though.

Why would they need such a thing,
adding all of those other sorts of bling
ones that talk, photos, that may even sing
but it better not call me at night with a loud ring.

Because if it does get ready to hear,
put that damn thing close to your ear,
for what I have to say to your my dear,
will ring loud in your ear for another year.


An interesting after thought, I can not use a cell phone in my home, the old wire phones are what will work. I live in a deep valley, and they just will not work here, thank God~! However I do have one in my car~!


Don’t ask for the phone number, I have it written down somewhere, but you do not need it, I only answer calls from family etc, and never that when I am driving~! Call me old fashion but I got along very well without it for many years, and will do so for a few more….


2 thoughts on “MORE PHONE THOUGHTS

  1. Very well said! And in restaurants, two people sit down, put their phones on the table, and, once they’ve ordered, pick them up again and talk to each other! (Hah! — with social distancing, it may come to that!)

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