I note that our local farm store has a sign out front: “Baby Chicks are here for Easter”. I went in to be sure and YES they were all colors~! Just telling the man there what I thought, I still felt that this is just not right and should not be allowed~!



A gift to a kid, of a living thing,
is not always the wise thing to do.
At least not without rules they bring,
a responsibility between them and you.

At Easter we see, many colored things,
a baby duck, a chick and rabbits too.
So foolish the people that bring,
these creators to sell to you.

A life, it needs kind love and care.
The young person may get tired of it,
so neglect would be cruel or just not fair.
An understanding between you both, admit~!

Most homes do not have a place,
same for a chicken, rabbit, or duck~!
And special attention you must face,
would be first, so don’t depend on luck.

Before you get a child a creature,
whether it be a fish, worm, or a frog,
make them understand, be a wise teacher,
responsibility also the same as for a cat or dog.


3 thoughts on “PETS

  1. The cats I’ve had were all kittens when I took them in. I worry about so many animals being adopted only to be abused or abandoned. The pet stores are closed here, so perhaps there will be fewer adoptions here than usual.

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