Oh, April first has been a problem for me, sense I was a young kid. This was how we entertained our selves before the invention of the cell phone and the internet~! I always found some great “April fool” thing to do. Sometime destructive, like calling a grocery store and asking if they had Prince Albert in a can, but mostly in just writing terrible letters about things that were not really true, like how I lost my left foot. Or having the largest nose in school. One sister who believed that I was writing my letter from prison would not talk to me for months. So due to the seriousness of this year, I will not do this, instead I will just repeat a good poem that touches on the ridiculous. So a happy April first to all of you and the joke is on me this time.


3 thoughts on “APRIL FOOL

  1. I like your poem “RABBITS” very poetic and not many can get the rhyme so exact, or stick to the subject~! In fact I wrote a haiku from your idea.

    So Rabbits, Rabbits
    is the way to go, though it
    has too many rabbits.

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