I have been in a writers slump and have not come up with anything worth while, but sitting here this morning, a thought came to me that has bothered me for years. Maybe I should have stayed in that slump~!


In my travels around the world,
great things to see, great things to do,
but there is another I must hurl,
just describing this unique thing to you.

I did not pay much attention to it,
until one day it came to me,
while on such a contrivance where I sit.
How different people use it you see.

For around the world that common thing,
can be so different in which land you be,
how evolution took a different fling,
to all people and this is what I see.

In the land of sand you see a man,
trot across a dune quick, in demand,
but in his hand he has a can,
hurrying quickly across the hot sand.

While in the great city of Paris,
when nature calls to them, on the streets,
they do not seem at all embarrassed
behind a short wall they will beat.

In north Africa it is a hole,
in the center of the floor,
with a place to put each shoe sole,
so that is it, and not much more.

For they must do it while they squat,
and this is the natural way for them,
they can’t understand why we do not,
but just sit there on a cold rem.

Other places in Europe you may see,
a low walled place inside a cafe,
a man standing there taking a pee,
humming, not bothered about doing it that way.

In England it is a fancy thing,
a tank above, pipe coming down too,
and from the tank a chain,
wonder why they call it the loo.

And in America some seem aggressive
make you wonder if they can be,
a danger to our things possessive
hanging down where we can’t see.

So many ways can’t know them all,
to sit to stand, or to squat, you see,
you may need instructions on the wall,
for the simple thing, on how to take a pee.