Among the many native trees on my place, the ones outstanding in the fall are the following: While the fall colors among all of the deep green of the live oaks and Junipers, showing through are the cedar elms among others turn yellow then the deep reds and yellows of the Spanish Oak, but the Pistachio goes through all of these colors and end up a deep almost purple red before loosing its leaves. Coons and possums climb this tree in the late spring and eat the “berries” which is the only down side of this tree as they leave a mess all over the place.

Down along my creek are more Cedar Elms and many bald cypress which turn deep red to almost a deep brown before loosing their needles. This is why they are called (BALD) cypress…..

3 thoughts on “Pistachio

  1. The pistachio is a beautiful tree — I’d not seen it before. That looks like a lovely pace for a long, bucolic walk. How did you come to name your place Los Perdidos?

  2. Funny story. When we first found our place it seemed so far out of town on a gravel road with very few others living out here. From my French base I wanted to call it être perdu, because we would be lost out here, but Shirley said NO that sounds too much like that dumb university, (Purdue), so I compromised and we named it Los Perdodos. Same to me, as I speak both languages when necessary.

    Yes you could walk for hours seeing a lot of trees, rocks, animals, birds and fish, and never leave my place. We have sections named for their interest, like “the fossil pit”, “the warbler sanctuary”, “large lake”, “small lake” etc. Down along the creek is the swimming hole with a bath house complete with bathroom and shower. And a picnic area with tables chairs, BBQ pit, fire pit etc….

    The hills on both sides of my valley step down in steps along a slope, A fun thing to do on a nice morning, is to take my little ATV to the top landing, and watch the sunrise, then drop down to the next and watch it again, moving on down passing the level where my house and barn are on down to the creek where you will have see the sunrise five times by the time you get to the bottom.

    When we built our house, because we enjoyed sitting in front of the fire pit at night, I actually had a fireplace built on our wrap around gallery and we have that area filled with rocking chairs. Also I have a closed in area with hot tub and sauna, with good music. And a glassed in porch which is actually now is the place for the cat scratching boxes and does not get much other use. However our outside areas do not get as much use sense Shirley died, but I am planning right now on a large crayfish boil and fried catfish next month, all outside.

    Unfortunately due to the natural beauty here, many wine places and wedding places, have sprung up, when we first got our place you may not even see one car a day, now the road is paved and you see several an hour, but that is still better than the mad city life.

    But it gets lonely~!

  3. It sounds wonderful! Almost like getting away from home on your own property! I love the idea of seeing the sunrise multiple times as you step down the slope of the valley. Your description reminds me of an estate south of Killeen that was owned by our call center Associate Director — on 5 acres of land, a 4 bedroom house, 3-car garage, etc — and they paid the same for it as I paid for my suburban townhouse in Orange County, CA! An ideal place for a fish fry, too! I would love a place with so much to see and do without the intrusion of other people — long photographic walks, a swim in the swimming hole, and a barbecue at the end of the day ~ ~ ~

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