So often a disagreement is followed by “the silent treatment” either by you or the other. This is a terrible way to end a friendship. You may be unhappy with that person but anger can only destroy, more than the friendship, it can also destroy you. Even if you may be tired of the friendship, it would be kind both to the other person and your self to at least talk to them about your feelings and get theirs. Try it, it works~!



Having trouble with a friend~?
companionship has come to an end~?
or maybe it is one with your marriage,
or a family member, of you disparaged~?

Ultimately the bonds of our own creation,
may be the simple rules of conversation,
Have you talked to them at all today~?
Have you thought of what to say~?

Why not call and ask them out,
keep it calm and do not shout.
Encourage them to open up,
Hear them out, don’t interrupt.

Successful talks, a truce you face,
are those always done with grace,
where both may allow a give and take,
but are never one with anger and hate.


5 thoughts on “KEEPING FRIENDS

  1. I believe that, to some extent, friendships are fluid and come and go. The best friendships don’t so easily go, but are based on time, understanding, and, as you suggest here, conversation. Lost friendships are often not the best to begin with. Those that are better are worth working to save.

  2. I agree, but so many factors such as third parties misunderstands and as we both agree about miscommunication. My problem only once or twice was with people who throw friendships away as we do with garbage. This is a difficult type of person to deal with short of a psychologist~!

    I am in a very sad mood today, my sister having died yesterday and I am just trying to write to put my brain into neutral, so my mind may not be running on all cylinders~!

  3. Yes — some people throw friendships away — but were those true friendships, or more acquaintances or what I would call “false friendships” (one person trying to befriend another without basis)?

    It’s perfectly ok to be in a sad mood today — and writing is a good way to divert your attention for a while. In your sadness, though, be sure to let the thoughts of your sister come through and provide some happy memories.

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