Went to a bazaar that was not very far, with friends who’s church it was.
With tables found, all around the room, with things to promote a just cause.
People gave things they choose, they had no longer a need of those, to use,
So I just found, as I looked around, only items my self to amuse.

On these tables both round and square, and on the ground to spare,
Old pots and pans, a broken fan and things to fix your hair.
Pictures in frames, without the names of the person it did not show,
and all the junk, even a trunk, from folks I didn’t even know.

You know my vice, I like to be nice and wanted to be oh so kind,
so I did not lag, wrote my name on the tag, a very low price bid on the line,
Too low I know, but just a show, and help get the bidding to grow.
How did I know my price was not low, and higher from others did not show.

So at the end of the day, the speaker did say: “Mr Sam look at what he did”,
For he has won, that son of a gun, all of the things on which he has bid.
Home made desk too big I guess, bigger than the doors of my house, no less,
A trunk of pine, I think it will be fine to use as a coffee table for my guest.

A pewter bowl which I proudly did hold, to show to my friends who told me,
Oh I submitted that you see, and if asked, you could have had it for free.
But I said so meek, it was something I seek, I thought it was an antique.
So sadly I tried while looking aside, I had made a fool of myself so to speak.

I know next year, with nothing to fear, I will be going back to that show.
So now this spring, I will bring almost everything, I bought so long ago.
No problem to give, for as long as I live, from my taxes I have already learned,
That to good causes it’s fine, to take off the line, all expensive gifts without a concern.


One thought on “CHURCH BAZAAR

  1. I seldom buy at thrift stores or bazaars — if I do, it’s usually things that I didn’t need — I end up wondering why I bought that! I do give to thrift stores and bazaars, and to an annual book sale (books are really hard to get rid of, any I grew up in a family that collected books until we ran out of space)! I am planning to spend the rest of this month conquering the paper chase, then to work again on other downsizing!

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