In Houston we lived on the West side of town, in a nice, closed neighborhood, with no through traffic, backing up to the bird sanctuary and a woods along Buffalo bayou. A beautiful, great place to live and take a quiet walk.

We would daily take our dog Scooter for his walk along the bayou. On one such walk a pretty little Pomeranian came running after us. We tried to make it go back home, but he just followed.

When we got home he followed right inside with us. The usual problem, of finding out where he belonged began. He was not chipped and had no name or tag on his collar. I put up the usual posters with a photo of him, called the nearest vet, and others in the area. No results, I did not want to take him to the pound.

Each day when we took our walk over the same trail, we took him with us. He had one very serious problem though, he had what sounded like a very serious cough, so we figured he needed his meds.

Well after about a week we finally got a call from a lady who sounded rather upset with US~!, but she came to pick him up. We had been walking him right in front of her house each day but he never showed a sign of wanting to go in.

She was real huffy with us, and yelled loudly at the dog for “running away”, saying he did it “all the time”.

I told her how concerned we were about that hacking cough, but she said: “oh no there is nothing wrong with him, he barked all the time so we had his vocal cards removed, you are hearing what used to be barking, but we still have that problem with his running away”……

I then said to her: “mam, I think I know how you can fix that running away problem,, you just cut one of his legs off and he will stay close to home”.

I guess she did not appreciate my advice because she huffed off without even thanking me, but we never did see that poor little dog again. Some people have no business living with a dog, they just do not deserve the love they have to give~!

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  1. It sounds like a lovely place, where you can walk along the bayou. What a sad story, though! The neighbor doesn’t sound like a very happy person, though, blaming you and the dog for the dog’s running away ~ ~ ~

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