There is a mantra which says “don’t trust a man over 30~! I am going to argue with you on that one. Experience is valuable, because our schools have failed to open your eyes, you need people who have lived the experience. The people following and believing Sanders and Warren were mostly rather young. Look at who is standing behind them at rallies. I have a name for them, the Hamlin Kids. They are too young to know the danger of Extreme Socialism which is mostly a political lie, they have not really lived it and our school system long ago stopped teaching Civics….Shame~!

The world under Trump and “base” is terrible, but going to the opposite extreme could be terrible as well.

Ask anyone from Cuba or other places where this was tried, or even Scandinavian countries or England. It sounds good but mostly it has its problems. Ask them about “universal health care” operated by the government, it is a fallacy. Yes they can wait in line for a sub standard “look see”, or they can go to the doctors who “moonlight” and still practice under the old system~! Been there, done that, but I am over 30~!!! Switzerland is the only one who has come close to succeeding with this, but it is a small country with amalgamated people of the surrounding countries.

Up to a point, social programs are badly needed, and yes we must work toward these, but they must be handled with intelligence, not from the top of a soap box. What we are being “promised” by the “populists”, who promise this to happen over night, will just not fly. These things “sound good” but understand, we are still basically a capitalist nation, and I admit that this must be worked on first. But do not think that the billionaires will let go easily, and electing one or their eponymous supporters, as in Russia and China, who tried this and failed miserably.

I am especially disappointed in Warren who is wise in some ways but followed the libertarian piper unwisely.

So Hamlin Children go here and learn something today. Looking at success, maybe the mantra should be don’t trust anyone under 70~!

One thought on “MY RANT FOR TODAY

  1. Both Sanders and Warren seem to appeal to the “kids” of today — those who do not have the experience to be able to see the scary part of their platforms. I think this is partly due to their rather bombastic deliveries, and partly due to the fact that their platforms are opposite to what we have now. An interesting comparison to the pied piper!

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