I saw a post this morning,
my reply he needed to know,
checked friends, he was not among them,
but my answer to him is written below.

I looked at my blog and it was not there,
I had forgotten to put it down,
so I went back to the section where,
the poems I keep, are to be found.

There was the answer I wanted to give,
just my idea of one of those,
thoughts to help us as we live,
that I put down into prose.



We should all be well aware,
of the pitfalls of despair.
Often despair will lie to you,
understand, it is just not true.

Tragedy often brings great pain,
giving us feelings that are not sane.
Sleepless nights, and mindless days,
forever keeping us in a haze.

Despair is the absence of hope,
buckle up, don’t be a dope.
Fight that feeling, fight the pain,
remembering things of love, will bring.

Listen not to that despairing voice,
buckle up and make a choice.
When despair speaks, so does our faith,
precious time, and life, we must not waste.

The sun will come up again tomorrow,
to help relieve you from your sorrow.
Think good things, and call a friend,
to put your sad thoughts to an end.

For life goes on as you will see,
when all around you, there will be,
pleasant times and loving friends,
when that happy new life begins.


One thought on “DESPAIR

  1. Thanks “Mr Anonymous”, (familiar name), for visiting, you were following a reply I had made to another who sounded much like you and also me, as we seem to have a bit in common, in our mind thought.

    I read some of your postings and saw a lot to talk about, will do more when time allows. I spend a lot of time and work on my sadness with my post, mostly through poetry. Also worked on the school paper with photography, editing and posting, but that was many years ago. As to your classification of people and whether we should hold them against their past “sins”, my opinion is still out. I guess the situation governs the attitude, but if we must have them in our government, then everything must be in the knowledge of their past while at the same time using bigotry as our judgement, then the bigot is as bad as the person they are judging.

    On our school paper we decided to deliver one edition to the surrounding neighborhood. At one home, a trained German Shepard ran out, knocked me down and held me by my throat until his owner came out and freed me. Now when I see one, I am afraid. Love dogs but not a black German Shepard…. You see this is now in me just as some past experience would color the attitude we have with people and lets face it, none of us are really alike in color, attitude, sexual makeup, or even past deeds.

    My life as a Geophysicist took me to many lands, but my time in Canada was in Alberta, British Colombia and the NW territories. I am thinking that you live in the East.

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