LaBron James

Back when LaBron and others protested their own way, but in a place where others had paid a lot to see a ball game it did not bother me too much. But then ANOTHER PERSON made a big fuss over it, and brought it into the public mind for weeks. So I had my own opinion, and wrote the following poem. Then I forgot about it until lately, when Kobe Briant, his daughter and others were killed while on their way, doing their bit, for others, and the beautiful tribute they have received for the good they have done, memories of my poem came back.


I really must tell you, all the same,
my own opinion of LaBron James,
you will probably think of me insane,
or may at the least, I give to you a pain.

But I must admit to you my dear,,
it is just in me, to bend your ear,
and telling you without a fear,
what bothers me is that BEARD~!

It is so aggressive and so black,
similar to Smith Brothers, that’s a fact,
No other person ever looked like that.
Why must he be different from the pack~?

But then I stop and began to think,
my opinion of him must really stink,
that beard like Samson’s, must be his link,
when seeing that ball he countersinks.

While all those kids, I have found,
shouldn’t it be his desire to lift, without a sound,
and place them on life’s higher ground,
it would be worth his weight in gold,,, every pound.

More like him it is agreed,
are helping others they find in dire need,
it is my hope, he would be sewing a seed,
another way of protest, would be superior indeed.

So stand or kneel, or even sit,
while Anthem plays in stadiums lit,
that is your right, so do your bit,
but LaBron James you could be a bigger hit.