the problem
their view

It already has long begun,
destruction of the last Refugium.
Going fast with no delay,
nature is being destroyed today,

Those fires in the Amazon,
are not all because of a careless one.
Most for clearing out the trees,
to grow whatever they please.

Removing things they do not need,
only to benefit people of greed.
And others seem not to notice,
never a complaint, never a we protest~!

They say they have rights to their gun,
and they can kill, even just for fun,
“Why worry about it”, It’s said,
“when they are all gone, we’ll be dead.”

“Polar bears must live on the ice,
photos of them there look nice.
We must remove them from our soil,
because there’s much more money in oil.”

“AK 47’s are lots of fun,
everybody should own such a gun.
Possessing one is my right,
try to take it, and you’ll have a fight.”

“Saving all those trees so tall,
seeing one, you’ve seen them all.
Better to build a place to shop,”
I like buying things until I drop.”

“Oh look at the gun I just bought,
more powerful than buck, double nought-!
It is an elephant gun 1600 grain 80 caliber,
dropping big game is almost infallible.”

“Then I will be a big game hunter,
no one will ever need wonder,
A game hunter so big and tall,
with a white rhino’s head hanging on my wall”