Little girls were lots of fun,
but I once dated an amazon.
She drove a little Nash you see,
and insisted that she’d pick up me.

I felt that strange, but did not bother,
and just gave in, to what she would rather.
We drove around and parked her little Nash,
then suddenly she pushed a button on the dash.

Can not say whether good or bad,
the seats on that car turned into a bed.
remembering, so sad, the apprehension I had.
For I considered myself somewhat, an innocent lad.

With poetic justice, that I now began to feel,
with that beautiful young lady behind the wheel,
her intentions for an evening became so very real
and I began to know little control over this very deal.

The end of this story I will not say,
except to remember about that very day,
for I realized that control of a date may lay,
in the power of the strongest, which is not just play.

So when you are with the one you love,
treat her with kindness and a gentle glove,
for her feelings, and well being should be above,
all other thoughts, even when push comes to shove.


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