Saturday night and at “Club de la Lune”,
on a beautiful clear Louisiana night in June.
Everyone had to go, to the fais do do,
filling every square foot of the room.

The law was sitting out front,
such a party produces many a drunk,
watching people exiting with too much “sway”,
can be dangerous for them to drive this way.

The night was progressing just right,
not one drunk Coonass exiting, in sight.
But I talked too soon, in that very bright moon,
a young one, came out so wobbly, he might swoon.

Tried his key in the first little car,
it wouldn’t fit, but his can’t too far.
stumbled over the next one, to which he came,
that one too, was even the same.

His keys in the cars just did not fit,
if he had one there, where was it.
he just could not find his without a fuss.
About that time the cop said: “better come with us”.

They took him to the station in back of their car,
fortunately the station was not very far.
the officer said: “now we need a sobriety test,
I’m afraid this surely will not be your best”.

Touch your index finger right on to your nose,
now do the same with another one of those.
walk this straight line one foot at a time,
then turn around and come back on a dime.

To their astonishment he did everything just right,
then walked over to them with delight.
the officer said please tell, how did you did this so well,
his answer: “well sir, I guess, it’s now alright to tell.”

“Me and my buddy’s always go to the dance,
we have a great time, great drink, and romance,
but each time we must choose just one boy,
and tonight I am the designated decoy.”



Of dancing I am really inapt,
the last time I tried to do a two step,
though my partner was fine,
I couldn’t stay on the line.
When I asked her again she “niet”.

I’m getting too old, don’t you see,
and modern dancing is just not for me.
Used to do a great waltz,
without any faults,
with a twirl and bow, just for thee.

As teens we loved a barn dance,
some kids, here found their first romance.
With the leader calling out the steps,
“swing your partner,, dote se do,, n repps”.
In Pennsylvania they call it “the Scottish”.

In Louisiana I loved “fais do-do”,
put on such a very fine show.
Put the babies under the bench,
everyone else spinning around it’s a cinch.
The kids, teenagers, and old folks so slow.

With the music, which is so very loud,
and a happy, tipsy tightly packed crowd.
Nose to nose cheek to cheek,
it’s the fun they all seek,
those Cajun’s, at dancing, are so proud.

This is why on any Saturday,
while they dance the night away.
Two step, a twirl, and a sway,
you just might hear each one of them say,
“Laissez les bons temps rouler”.