I am a fan of old houses or old broken down home places. When I drive along lonely roads, passing an old “home place”, it always brings back visions of children playing under an oak tree or even under the house as we did as kids. There is one little old cottage in particular where my imagination must have gotten so out of control; in my mind I had placed a lonely female couple living there, as it was painted up, as such a couple would do, and it had a nice little picket fence and flowers in the yard.

So on one trip I saw that it no longer looked lived in, with the blue paint peeling, and the yard had become grown up, with a shutter hanging down. I made an unconscious comment, which my wife, Shirley, could not understand. My statement was “something must have happened, and one of them may have died~!”. In my subconscious I had actually built a family for that little house~! (CRAZY ME~!) But isn’t this the kind of thoughts authors and poets have~??

So this brings me back to a recurring dream, that I have had for many years. It is about a HUGE, long old house, patterned more or less on the very old “Creole” house I grew up in, but much larger with some sections lived in, and others needing to be “fixed”. I have been working on this “inner vision house”, only appearing in my dreams, for a very long time, and it always looks the same, even with separate rooms always needing work. Part of the house is OK, but other parts have leaky roofs, small “shotgun rooms”, and broken floors, windows and steps. Only last night I put a new roof on it and planned an addition for “our girls”, (which we never had). I always envision what a beautiful place it will be when I finally finish the awful work at hand, (in my dream).



Let me tell you about my big old house,
It will be a mansion, you will be amused.
So come on in, and with me browse,
you may go into any room you choose.

This part is almost complete,
with huge bedrooms, and a parlor,
with a proper dining room where we can eat,
a kitchen, and a pantry which is smaller.

I broke out a wall and moved another,
my kitchen opens onto a solarium,
growing herbs here, will be no bother,
small fruiting trees, a place to bury them.

A problem is the water want work,
and the house is cold, with no heat,
you may think me a lazy jerk,
though what is finished is so neat~!

Lets go see the rest of my place,
and you will see why it takes so long.
Thousands of square feet I must face,
finishing this project is no song.

Watch that hole there in the floor,
and be careful of broken windows,
as soon as I can afford it, I’ll get more,
must borrow money from my lenders.

The roof leaks when it rains,
the steps may be a real danger,
water backs up in the drain,
I broke that pipe in anger.

I am really proud of my big house,
I got it for free for goodness sake,
I live a virtual life here with my spouse,
until it is finished, or until I awake.

For my old house is only in my dreams,
a recurring dream that comes to me,
it will never be finished, or so it seems,
and when I’m awake, it ceases to be.


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