In jest, I wrote a soliloquy
it was about lying and things that be.
In it words that just, did not bother me,
but taken more by her, or so said she.

She took askance and let me know,
such a statement my “couth” did not show,
and such farther writing had to go,
or I could no longer be her beau.

So she gave my cheek a verbal slap,
telling me how I was such a sap,
an evil minded thoughtless chap,
for writing terrible things like that.

Feelings hurt from that verbal blow.
That face slap then began to grow,
and my sorrows began to show,
sad condition, so I had to let her know.

Then she assured me right back:
“Twas not a slap but a gentle tap,
on the cheek of her beloved, but slack”,
lest I think that she doth make an attack,

Feeling my words, from her should depart,
she felt the pain of others, from the start,
so because we were then so far apart,
she made this statement from her heart.

I’ve learned my lesson, so will try,
not to write such things, on the fly,
but will digest every word, thereby,
keeping peace, for from that sting, I still cry.