This would be how the thinking at a MAGA event would go. Sorry but I have seen such statements and felt that it should be put to rhyme~!


This here statue, it seems to me,
was only a tribute to the CCC.
Thought up by the Dems and Roosevelt,
to put deadheads back to work, he felt.

Send them to the woods, to plant more seed,
or build useless things we did not need,
writing down the lies, told by old black folks,
half of what they wrote about them, was a hoax.

So shouldn’t we take those statues down,
out of our beautiful parks or library grounds.
It bothers me when I know,
my tax dollars go to support this show.

The socialistic thought of giving them,
money to pay doctor bills, just on a whim.
food stamps, a waste, on too much food,
or not to work, unless when in the mood.

Now they want more to come to our land,
no immigration, those people, I make my stand.
Dropping kids so fast, this is degradation,
then tell us that we must have integration.

Send them back from where they came,
if they stay here our land want be the same.
Soon our girls will date one, in the shadows,
and the results of this will be mulattoes.

Us whites must make them toe the line,
to keep our land only for yours and mine.
Then all our statues will be of alabaster,
when we finally fix this great disaster.

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