If you are a bigot, an ultra Conservative, or a white Suprematist then you may not be at the right blog.


I see colors being pushed around,
intelligent people with it, are just fine,
but some types run it right into the ground.
Bigots, in the name of God, want to draw a line.

They are afraid that a color line must be kept,
with their imaginary color tone not to be passed.
Build a long tall wall, that is so high it can’t leapt,
while innocents already here, remove them right fast.

Evolution has created people of melanism,
some think should be shunned far beyond reason,
and looking for ways we can put them in a prison,
buying a gun, thinking that to them it is open season.

Some extreme opposites are the pigment our skin,
with a thin layer, deep beyond we’re all the same,
to say any different, I think, should be a mortal sin,
however many a preacher has said that God is to blame.

Color of pigment is part of life’s scheme,
with opposite of that black is called albinism,
most of us lie in a place somewhere in between,
lower that line we are sure to die with good reason.

Political correctness is often at fault,
swapping a word with one that is shand.
“African American”, is wrong, we should halt.
For “black people”, God has scattered in every land.

What if they come from India, even Australia,
or descended from natives right here in this land.
These places have dark people too, this I will tell ya,
how are we going to differentiate each and every man.

Stop thinking from which land you were brought,
we are all Americans, equal except for our covering,
actually makes no difference to mind, word or thought,
if identity can only be seen from the color of your skin.