Many of my dreams are so vivid that they wake me up. This one was in the middle of the night about my high school girl friend, Carol. We were very close but were separated, each going to a different school over a thousand miles apart. Each of us went separate ways, both having long loving happy lives and families, but we kept in close touch in later years. This dream was so vivid that the first thing in the next morning I tried to call her, finding out that she had just died. I allude to her in other poems and this one is short, as it is my personal ode to her. It was so sad, vivid, and so personal.

My childhood friend with love so tight,
I had a dream about you last night.
In it, a star, shining, burning bright above.
While we talked about our long lost love.

And in that dream I saw the flight,,
of a beautiful dove flying out of sight,
You were no longer here, but gone above
To rest in peace, with eternal Love.

Those happy thoughts with years did last,
those happy memories long ago together,
I keep in my mind, as time will pass,
and will stay deep inside my heart forever.