Our modern times, it seems to me,
we have forgotten all, that used to be.
We say “beautiful day, without a smile,
missing the mark, by a country mile.

What happened to more, pleasant thought,
What has our fast, but narrow world brought.
Have we forgotten niceties, and kinder words,
or has it gone, like the winter birds-?

More personal comments, might be in line;
“How are you, are you feeling fine”-?
Or “you look so great today, I see,
would you like to have lunch, with me”-?

And when they do something, really proud,
a pat on the back, as you exclaim real loud,
“I’m proud of you, really fine work,
always on the job, and you do not shirk.

But if they face, a real decline,
remember what, is on their mind;
“don’t worry about it, you’ll be just fine,
And things will go, much better next time.”

What happened to, a word of thanks;
“Thank you, good job, that really ranks,
I trust you, you make me so proud”;
not real difficult to say, our thoughts out loud.

And if we have done, an unkind thing,
before loosing a friend, bad thoughts that bring,
it is so easy, to bite you lip and say;
“I’m really sorry, to act that way.”