One of the hardest things in life to learn is which bridges to cross, which bridges to burn, and which bridges we must just turn around and ignore. But I have learned that there could be someone behind you with matches and gasoline; or you may have a friendly guide to push you across, or another to help you turn around with a kind word, a glass of wine, or just a cup of coffee.

This has been a real down week for me. I am sure that we all have these days, but sometime we feel that we are all alone. As for me, they come and they go. I often end up writing; —- sometime poetry, and often just notes, such as this one, which may only be my thoughts, put down in writing. Today I caught myself cheating at solitaire, that’s how bad it gets~!

Mostly we feel that we just need someone to talk to. Someone in who we can divulge our inner most thoughts and problems to, with no fear that they would be repeated. I am sure that you too have studied this, but no one, whether professional or just a friend, no one can really know the full workings of the mind, whether they think so or not. But who am I to say~?

When I start spitting out those dumb poems, or writing too much, it is just another way or relieving myself of my flotsam. Wow I would never ask the persons reading this for the answer, nor accept any advice unless it is profound, just being a sounding board for me is sufficient; and I would offer to do the same for you, this is all that would be acceptable.

No I do not have any lost or broken loves, or difficulties in daily life, my health is good for my age, I just miss the one who was so close to me for so many years, and at times, especially “special days”, it is so difficult to get over this. Thanks for coming along, no mater how much or how little you wish to give, you are making a difference for me, by reading my post.


My mood was down my mind at a loss,
coming to a mental bridge I had to cross.
There was a decision I had to make,
should I cross, or another direction to take.

The easy path, it so seemed to be,
cross that bridge, put it behind me.
And so that others might not learn,
after crossing that bridge, it I must burn.

Going through our life, we may take a path,
of burning our bridges after we pass.
How lonely the other side may be,
when we miss the ones from whom we flee.

What do you do when thinking back,
wow, I miss them so, that is a fact.
That bridge is burned, what shall I do.
are there others who have crossed from you~?

So if you are faced with decisions to make,
it may be better another direction to take.
stand there at the end of the other path,
until recompense allows a cooling of your wrath.