You must understand my origin,
Louisiana is a very fine place,
a different kind of beginning,
for the cream of the human race.

It is said of us people,
“le bon vie”, is our word.
Loud talking and good music,
in all the air, it can be heard.

Others tend not to understand,
and misjudge us all around.
We just think that life is grand,
wanting to celebrate it with a bound.

Now work is hard to find down here,
and so we must migrate all around.
So it is off to Houston, oh so near,
because there, work can be found.

So out on the hot Interstate I sat,
to thumb my ride out west,
a fellow stopped in a big cattle-lac.
I was going to travel with the best.

First time for riding in such a car,
it zipped along real nice.
And air was shooting oh so far,
out of the dash, and it felt like ice.

At the place just as we entered Texas,
I know he broke the law.
Just after the last place to exit,
there was a sign on which I saw.

Posted, starting to across the Sabine.
I read that sign along the edge,
those Texans are kind of mean.
It said: “no passing on the bridge”.

But we zipped along quite nicely,
and something happened I did not know,
that air was getting more icy,
almost like it was going to snow.

Finally I just could not stand it,
and told that kind man so fine.
Stop, stop let me out of where I sit,
he said “we’ve only crossed the line”.

“Soon we’ll be where I’m driving,
there you’ll find a job so big,”
said I: “with this cold weather arriving,
I think I’ll go home and roast a pig.”


People who know Louisianans know that “joie de vie”is their standard for life. If your good times interfere with your work, you quit your job, you can always get another one on Monday, if you do not have a hangover.

Seasons in Louisiana bring on ways to enjoy life, and good food and drink are the tools.

In the spring it is the crayfish, starting off with a bouillir de écrevisses (crawfish boil), which is done outside, often using a wood fire and sacks of crayfish with everyone enjoying the outing. Then throughout the spring we have the many ways to fix those mud bugs. Too bad the Yankees found out about this, it really ran the price up~!

In the fall, when the weather turns turns cool, we start thinking about roasting a pig; bringing together all our friends for a big party, starting well before daylight and going on into the evening, because this is a slow process, but the party is going on while that pig is roasting.

The Creole way to do this is to put the pig vertically in front of the fire of hot coals, keeping the grease rendering (dripping) out slowly, but not dripping down into the fire. while the pig is turned vertically. This way you are not roasting your pig using the greasy smoke to smell it up. The Creoles did not invent “blackened” anything~! The Cajuns did~! Cochon de lait must be eaten to understand the difference, sweet moist meat that falls apart.

Oh, damn, I think I will go out and roast a pig~!.

Chochon de Lait a Villa Boukendoura Moretti Algerie

Even when we lived in Algeria, we found a way to roast a pig in a Muslim country. They are called Cochon Sangre, (blood pig) there and it takes a smart man to find one, and a sneaky one to roast it. This photo was taken in the garden, behind our Villa Boukendoura, note tall wall and bamboo hanging to hide us from the gate.

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  1. lol where there is a will there is a way! As a veggie the smell of pork makes me heave … but I totally love your poem and lay back attitude 🙂
    Sounds like you’ve led a most interesting life …

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