Mr Fix-it

How to cope with your goof ups,
or what you have done, that just sucks,
look for the good that it may bring,
turning it into something, about which to sing.

When that New Orleans Chef first learned,
the fish he was cooking, had just burned.
Did he give up and cry, no just laughing,
told the customers it was “Cajun fish blackened”.

When the people of Pisa built a tower,
that started to wilt and bend like a flower,
did they give up tearing it down,
no, they promoted it, to bring tourist to town.

When the town of Venice started to sink,
submerging everything, quick as a wink,
did they say our life is over,
no they just invented the first gondola.

When a careless painter spilled his paint,
creating a painting that really did stink,
and made no sense, but on a lark,
he invented the word of abstract art.

Columbus, looking a shortcut to Asia,
but islands he found, brought displeasure,
did he throw in the bag, no he planted a flag,
and to the rest of the world he did brag.

So if everything just does not work out,
don’t just stand around and shout.
Buy lemons instead, and using your head,
make lemonade like Carnegie said.