This comes very close to an average morning of mine here at los Perdidos. It is a beautiful but sometime lonely place with only three animals to take that walk with me. I have many friends but in reality they also have their lives to live. I often look forward to Maria arriving to take care of the house, but then in the loud Vacuum cleaner, I also desire the solitude of the quiet with just the sound of the birds, and the rustle of the leaves in the trees. Then in the evening, I just say: Alexia, play Nikos Ignatiadis music, and he puts me to sleep with Tami, Coco, and Eppie, all at their stations, on different parts of a too large bed. All in all I am a very happy person~! ps: Nikos passed away on October 23, of last year, I will miss him, though I never met him~!


As the sun rises upon another day,
with hopes I can put bad thoughts away.
The glowing sky in a golden red,
coming through my window,
when I raise, from bed.

First feed my animals and hug each one,
they always help when my day's begun.
Put on my shoes, don my cloths,
Tami is jumping because she knows.

We'll be going downward for a nice long walk,
stopping, sniffing for things to stalk,
I slowly began my walk down hill,
taking in the morning chill.

A rooster crows far beyond the trees,
trying to drown out my reverie.
Soon the bubbling creek comes into view,
and I know just what I need to do.

Trickling waters, over rocks do fall,
bringing solace and peace to one and all,
A cool flat rock sits beside the creek,
just the relaxing place that I seek.

Lying there, not quite supine,
watching darting birds in their flying.
Rushing waters clear and cool,
falling into a fish filled pool.

Making a sound as they move along,
calming my thoughts, almost like a song.
To clear my mind, I lie quite still,
and beautiful thoughts my mind do fill.

Hark~!, in the distance a rifle cracks,
that dreadful sound suddenly brings me back.
That troubled world, though far away,
what does it have in store for me today~?

I can not hide, except for a time,
in the peacefulness of this place sublime.
we must again, began to climb the hills,
with Tami walking beside my heels.

And my cat Butty running just behind,
mewing looking, a mouse to find.
And so begins another day,
resting, thinking, but come what may,

This earth though peaceful, beautiful and fine,
there times when it remains unkind.
But in our ataractic place, we may find,
a way for calming an upset mind.

I wish all the world had such a place,
it would so improve the human race.
So look around and find such a place,
a park, a zoo, a quiet open space.