TO MY SON MARK and HIS 13 Year old JOEL

Ask any friend,
and you will surely see,
not much difference, seen herein,
a problem universal, also seen, as between you and me.

I know because I have asked,
most of my closest friends too,
and it has surely been unmasked,
the same difference, as between me and you.

It is so strange between a dad,
and it is the same, to his loving son.
One that changes, at that magic age, so sad,
when 13 years which have finally come.

Up to that time, dad was the guide
where a boy will imitate,
everything, exactly and in stride,
to his dad, who has done no wrong, to date.

But after that time the boy starts to think,
of all the things, he must know better,
while others he knows, just really may stink,
“Dad surely must have become a quitter-”.

He was so smart, not long ago,
but now he just may have quit,
to understand the things you now really know,
and many times, he just gives you fits-!

I know because, I saw it too,
My dad just had “old time thoughts”,
and did not understand me, just like you,
when I began to see all of his faults.

Time moves on, and another time comes,
when you will surely see, where you, like me,
will have to deal with a teenage son,
so hold on tight, and learn, what you will see,

You too are coming of that age, just like me,
and this outlook on life, is just not the same,
from what you learned as a kid you see,
May be my fault, and I take the blame.

However the worse is still yet to come,
because I still may think, that I must be,
omnipotent about, the times from which I came,
Yes I know a little, and I learned more, you see.

So now the problem must surely be,
yours alone, another generation has come,
when you may need to face this alone, like me,
but I will watch, being the experienced one.

I Love you son, and I understand,
because I too went through the same
as dads eternal have done before us,
but I must warn you of times to come-!.