Christmas is the worst time of year that it comes upon us. So this is the season of togetherness as well and happiness, but it is also one of deep sadness and remembering.  A lot of Good and some Bad – but even the “great” has it’s NOSTALGIA~! Bet a lot of you go through the same phase. Here is what I Remember.



A little child remembers when, it’s time to eat,
a time to play, a time to sleep.
Remembers that warm snugly bed.
A mothers shoulder to rest his head.

As years go by, it’s off to school.
Remember what you learn, and all the rules.
Make new friends, learn new faces,
and even things that time erases.

Growing up then, to higher learning,
puppy love, and closeness we’re yearning.
High school has all those teenage hurts.
And they just think, this can’t get worse.

Little do we know what is to come,
until to college where we have gone.
Left my girlfriend back at her home,
and in this place I’m all alone.

No you’re not, just look around,
so many new friends, you have found.
Not so bad, and she DID CALL~!,
You’ll see her again in the fall.

Returning home at holiday time,
discovering a fact that was unkind.
While remembering her, when I was away,
She found another……. what can I say~?

Oh woe to the young and restless ones,
and all their problems that seem to come.
That young life is so terribly cursed,
again they think, what can be worse.

Commencement day has finally come,
end of study, but end of fun.
A big mean world as we move along,
remembering things, what can go wrong.

Then one day walking along a street,
a special one we fortunately meet.
Where has she been~?… she’s just the one,
A life with her, now just begun.

So memories go back where they start,
your life together, never far apart.
Two children, to their lives they bring,
a girl for her, a boy like him.

Two kids to raise, two lives began,
Two fresh brains, start remembering.
While they grow up, and we grow old,
watching while, their lives unfold.

Watching them, first day of school,
remembering how WE felt so cool.
And later years we knew we had,
a life so precious, if sometime sad.

All those things remembering,
all those problems and fumbling.
All those years both good and bad,
remembering happiness, forget the sad.

Remembering back upon that life,
the love she gave, his support through strife.
The life they lived, the love they had,
Remembering back, was not bad.

Some sadness in that path through life,
yet knowing how you survived the strife.
The kids moved on, their lives to live,
with all the love you had to give.

Moving down our path through life,
she made it easy to survive the strife.
And he with her it was the same,
never a cross word, nor even blame.

He’d do it again, given the chance,
Life is great, with that romance.
Change a bit here, a little thing there,
like give her more time to fix her hair.

A lot less fuss, a lot more time,
a lot more love, for that one divine.
Because someday, it all will end,
and all you’ll have is remembering.