About Agincourt or Waterloo,
I was not there, so I give thanks,
but then neither were you.
However all those Napoleon Franks,
really did not know what to do.

With all their troops, those nincompoops,
decided to take on two, with a whim,
and later suffered another two coups,
from Kaiser Wilhelm,
and then Hitler too.

Others forgot everything they knew;
at Little Bighorn, Custer to the last,
when he did face the mighty Sioux,
because he forgot all about the past.
That Indians knew how to fight too.

So here is what we need to do,
never should you wake a sleeping lion,
this, I’m telling you, not even in a zoo.
Or never upset a man of Palestine,
or forever embrace the Jew.

This I say, to you, red white and blue:
Don’t forget past history, obscure,
because every time you do,
bad things for sure, we will endure
things happening to me and you.

Those men of freight, who not so bright,
as to even know how to tie their shoe,
in their stupid way, they just may, start a fight,
This is why I am now telling you:
then we’ll all be screwed to their delight-!