I got used to memorizing poetry long ago when I was very young and often a single line running through my head, gets me running back to the book where I first read it, or I awake with the lines of a song running through my mind.

A poem, like a song, or part of one, often stays in the memory for years, while a simple statement may only last for minutes. From this I came to be expressing myself with poetry and would often put my history or school notes to rhyme, which really helped me to remember those awful facts from History.

Committing a poem to memory is like committing to the people who wrote it: to their fears, their joys, and the trust that they expressed when writing that poem. It is also a code that we communicate in: concise yet fragmentary, while at the same time dialogic, opening up a way of saying something about our inner thoughts, while at the same time holding back those secrete thoughts that we want to express without telling all.

It is sad, the person who must read a poem or listen to a song and not understand what is really being said, or alluded to.

To me poetry, both received and expressed, is essential to my life.


Did you ever have one of those days ?
A day when no one makes any waves,
skies may be hot, but oh so blue,
and someone says they are thinking of you ?

A day when nothing seems to go wrong,
a day when in your heart there’s a song,
with all the world just smiling at you,
and you have success in all that you do ?

You are the reason I feel this way today,
so I am sending you this message to say,
MY sky is bright and oh so blue,
because my day is great, just thinking of you.