BIRDS or Endothermic Vertebrates

Ducks can swim,
eagles can soar,
road runners run,
woodpeckers bore.

I often wonder how this came to be.
When I watch them out my door
There are so many things I see,
but then there may even be so many more.

They have been around we know, for eons,
and descended you see, from dinosaurs,
but ending or changing of those saurians,
their alteration seemed to be so much more.

Evolution and adaptation is the answer,
First their size was just too large,
nature took those, that were grander,
leaving only the small ones in charge.

With smaller size they did so well,
managing through their change to survive.
Look around, and you can tell,
they even managed to really thrive.

But there is much more to this story,
as the eons we see, made their change,
for to survive in all their glory,
the evolution covers a larger range.

First of all their eyes lets take,
they have much more than telescopic sight,
not only seeing things opaque,
but full color range, with ultraviolet light.

Their beaks are also something special,
to peck, poke, or bore a hole,
or sometime even picking up a pebble,
that takes a mouth that’s really bold.

Another thing I find with pleasure,
packed in their tiny heads you see,
a magnetic compass and barometric pressure.
sensing things foreign to you and me.

They have no hands and backward legs,
they use their arms in turn to fly,
to survive the times they come from eggs,
a live birth may have meant that they would die.

When food on earth became much less,
to stay the same would mean to die,
another feat, but oh so complex,
those little creatures would need to fly.

To do this, changes in body were needed,
thick bones are too heavy to ever soar,
so they ended with hollow orthopedics,
that’s much better, but they needed much more.

So from modified scales and even leathers,
were too heavy, and aerodynamics not much to show,
so they were changed to what we now call feathers,
isn’t nature great, what a way to go.

So take a look at these amazing creatures,
and you will find something so marvelous,
how evolution, or God’s hands did feature,
such beauty and efficacy so fabulous.

I could go on ad infinitum,
but you get the point by now I see,
just one more thing that I must mention,
one that is so important to you and me.

It is that birds are so gregarious,
and like humans, are also social creatures.
Living in communities so thick they may scare us,
but this is a trait that we should also feature.

We must think about this most carefully,
as populations around us begin to loom,
to get along and live in harmony,
because if we don’t, it may be our doom.


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