Saint Francis of Assisi
Looking up at my south porch


My life is eclectic,
and so is my mind,
look into my brain oblique,
No telling what you will find.

My house is eclectic,
from top to bottom, or so seems,
modern where it does the trick,
old stuff to fill my dreams.

Craftsman or old style,
but my eye just wonders about,
and it ended up a country mile,
from how it started out.

Actually my thoughts are all eclectic,
my reading, viewing, and thinking,
even my writing and work is dyslectic,
other’s thoughts I may find stinking.

I may wear a shirt that’s red,
with trousers, oh so green,
and socks that it may be said;
do not match the color scheme.

When it comes to food, I find,
today maybe it’s spicy hot Creole,
tomorrow, I may find divine –
sweet ice cream that is very cold.

When writing a blog or a poem,
the subject matter may be noble,
you may find it to be a subject, norm,
or even something, you’ll find global~!

That is the life I must live,
all around me so many things I see,
and I have so many thoughts to give,
keeping you guessing what it will be.

So if I live in a world eclectic,
enjoying all around me that I see,
even if my thoughts are cathartic,
I am really the person’s I want to be.



Starting here you will see that we liked the design of old western homes, but it will end here. The fence is over 200 years old, and while the house looks in period, it definitely is not.

Just saying that I am eclectic would not even come close to me, my attitude, likes, dislikes, and everything I do. A walk around my place and through my home will be almost like a walk in the park, or inside a museum. First my walls, No telling what you will see hanging, but we can narrow down the fact that pictures, unless photos of favorites, everything else is paintings of different places, scenes, and memories. That may be oil, pastel, water color, sketches, and many which are collage, both from my mother’s or siblings, even my art and from friends, but add to this many which just took my fancy. However you will rarely ever see one that was purchased from a print shop.

In this photo starting on the upper left, is an old Spanish painting of Saint Michael, very old. Center is a painting of a deer but it is a Louisiana White Tail. The lady who painted this was killed in an auto accident shortly after painting this. To bad to loose such talent. Next to the right is something I put together. I started with a vase I purchased in Colorado and placed wire flowers and hearts as per a bouquet of flowers. This lights up when that hall light is turned on. Just below it is a native wood carving that I picked up in Alaska,,,,,moving left past a photo of my grandfather, is a low grade sculpture of a lady and child. Most people think this must be Mary and Jesus, but it is actually supposed to be the mother of the Arab man who chipped it out of stone he picked up on the Mediterranean Seashore and I got it from him among others west of Oran, near Morocco. Nothing else of interest here except where I put my keys when entering, but the rest of the house is as big a mixture~!

You will see objets d’art which are everywhere hanging, sitting, lying, under the bed, way up high or down low. When Shirley was living she would change paintings often as a matter of choice and many paintings are sitting stored in an upper room due to no wall space. I like to put the ones that give me the most joy where I can see them every day.

Here are painting and a collage over my TV so it is what I rest my eyes on often, but who knows I may want something different next year. The little wreath about nine inches across, is one of many similar ones I picked up in Guatemala, I bought several of them to give to friends for Christmas. The art work and workmanship are outstanding. So I am sorry that I only kept one for myself as each was different. The tiny dolls are made of a felted material and each is dressed in hand sown fabric cloths. I added the center piece a couple of Christmastimes back, and this is made by slicing the old cedar wood, which is very hard and polishes up nicely. So this too makes good Christmas gifts as well. Easy to make, yet nice.

The two paintings next to the wreath are referred to as Tassili Cave Paintings and have an interesting story all of their own, too long to talk about here so Go to PRIMITIVE PAINTINGS to read more about these and how I came by them. Also if interesting I am working on many more photos of both my home (An Unusual Home) and guest house (The Barn)

Now where am I going to put this Anaconda Snake skin that I picked up in Niger, Africa~? Guess I will just roll it back up and put it back in a box, no wall space~! And Tami needs to put her stuffed frog back in her toy box~!

You can read about that funny looking coffee table and why I put feet on it to put it to a good use. HERE: