I am one of luckiest men in the world,
while others only have had a hit or miss,
I found for me just the right girl.
So let me tell you all about this.

A symbiotic relationship between us you see,
because for all of my negative flaws,
she had positive ones to offer me,
making us an equal balance of laws.

I am somewhat aggressive in nature,
but she calmed me with her love,
however if she needed a protector,
I was there, if push came to shove.

After a hard day at the office you see,
I knew when I arrived at our home,
she would be there to greet me,
calming me, and my worries would be gone.

As for her I felt she was just too kind,
to people who might be aggressive,
in this mean world, you might find,
returning with love, to those most repressive.

As to all our thoughts about our world,
a common opinion to us was had,
we agreed on all the maddening swirl,
loved all the good, but hated bad.

But now her time on earth is done,
and I sit here all alone.
A widowers life is not much fun,
but her portrait lights my lonely home.

Those beautiful eyes seem to follow me around,
a glint tells me she is watching over me,
and before long I will be bound,
where again together we will be.