Let’s start with a description of my place, Los Perdidos


It’s my beautiful little place in heaven,’
in acres, it’s less than twenty seven.
Lots of rocks and even gravel,
but not one square foot of it is level.

Cliche here and cedar there,
prickly pear, enough to share.
The essence of cedar elm trees,
with tiny blossoms, that attract the bees.

Live oak trees, and Spanish too,
Mountain Laurel, with flowers so blue.
Flowers here and flowers there,
give off a scent that fills the air.

Grazing the brush are many deer,
they can be approached, they do not fear.
Coons, ‘dillos, and ring tail cats,
and in the evening, darting bats,

Porcupines, and squirrels up a tree,
but they are scared of you and me.
Beautiful Red fox, jack rabbits too,
in fact the place looks like a zoo.

And all the birds too many to count,
on every open place that they mount,
and in the spring it’s here they fly,
filling every spot, of my deep blue sky.

I must not miss the bubbling stream,
cut through the limestone like a dream.
So many fish swim all around,
living their lives without a sound.

I love this place, hill, dell and stream,
to live in peace just like a dream.
And when I die, I want to be,
buried here, under a live oak tree.


3 thoughts on “Let’s start with a description of my place, Los Perdidos

    • I always feel bad when I see anything caged up, though I occasionally have a finch or wren visit inside~! I have acres of trees with feeders and nesting sites for them outside, and I can sit inside and see them all around~! They seem to be very happy. I do miss the tropical birds I loved throughout Central and south America, as well as Africa, though. I think you would like the one called “Evilution”, BIRDS or Endothermic Vertebrates, posted Dec 4. A portmanteau of Evolution, I often like to take a jab at the evangelicals.

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